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Evergreen Art Gallery 青藝畫廊

Tel: (852) 2570 3758



青藝畫室 Evergreen Art Studio

香港 英皇道261號南方大廈6字樓B室

Flat B, 6/F., Southern Building,

261 King’s Road, North Point,

Hong Kong

聯絡畫家 Contact Artist

歡迎您給陳堯麟發送您的意見和反饋。陳老師正在出售他的一些作品 。如果您對陳老師的作品有興趣,請隨時發郵件給他,他會儘快將作 品是否出售及其價錢回覆您。謝謝!

You are welcomed to send comments and feedback to Chan Yiu Lun.  Chan is selling some of his artworks.  If you are interested in any of them, please feel free to email him and he will promptly reply as to their availability and prices.  Thank you!